Refund Policy and Make Up Classes:
Enrollment spots are not guaranteed until full payment has been made.
Refunds are available before the first class and are subjects to a $15 administrative fee.
No refunds after the first class.
Credit is available to be applied to the next consecutive session in full amount and 50% to a session after that.
There is a late fee if you are more than 15 min late to pick up your child.
No make up classes.

Parent’s Viewing:
Parents are not allowed in the gym during regular training. We have CC TV’s at our Railside location and currently working on installing a viewing window at the Simpson gym. We hold Parent’s Day on the last class of a every Session. On Parent’s Days parents are invited to watch their children’s classes and take pictures.

Children should wear comfortable clothing – T-shirts, shorts, tights, fitness pants or gymnastics suits (for girls). We carry a selection of gymnastics suits available for purchase. Please note, children train barefoot.

Railside Facility Improvements:
We are very excited to include a new tumbling track to our set of equipment! Tumbling classes are now offered! Our new coach, Cindy, is very passionate about this gymnastics discipline!

Over the Summer we insulated our roof and added two large windows, which allows for more light, more comfortable temperature through out the year – our gymnasts love it!

We continue to improve our facilities and programs – more exciting updates coming soon!